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The Mini Hotspot 2.0 from Monzoon Networks AG defines the implementation of Public WLAN Hotspots in a new way. The Mini Hotspot is the ideal solution for your guests "wireless Internet access free of charge" needs in restaurants, lounges, meeting rooms, lobbies and cafeterias.

Once you have ordered and received your Mini Hotspot 2.0 and have connected it to an existing Internet access, the service is ready in minutes, operated and managed by Monzoon. As Monzoon is a governmentally registered wireless Internet service provider, we take responsibility for the support and enforcement of all regulatory laws and requirements regarding Internet access.

Developed from the proven Mini Hotspot, the Mini Hotspot 2.0 offers an improved dual band radio coverage on the basis of high quality Cisco technology. With the Mini Hotspot 2.0 you provide your guests with the best possible service in a complex radio environment.

Unwrap, plug in, done!

The only thing you need in advance is a working Internet connection (ADSL, VDSL, Cable…) with a LAN cable port for the Mini Hotspot. The Mini Hotspot arrives with a LAN cable and with power supply. No configuration is needed, as the Mini Hotspot configures and connects itself automatically to Monzoon's network management center. Within minutes the managed and free of charge Internet access is ready to use for your guests.

Internet access free of charge for your guests

You can order a welcome web page individually designed for your venue, inviting your visitors to linger and surf free of charge in your hotspot. With this "Sponsored Access" Internet service you as a host take over the monthly costs of the managed service provided through the Mini Hotspot. Guests, who wish to use their own international or business roaming clients, are permitted to do so.

Your commercial conditions

Purchase of a Mini Hotspot 2.0 for 299.– CHF (incl. VAT)

Monthly service fee of 34.– CHF (incl. VAT)

One year minimum contract duration, with a notice time of three months as per end of a month.

Delivery free of charge

Optional: Web Content Filtering service based on standard filtering categories

Configuration and implementation CHF 302.40 onetime (incl. VAT)

Monthly service fee CHF 20.50 (incl. VAT)

Security for your internet access

Monzoon's Mini Hotspot 2.0 uses your existing Internet access to connect to our network management center. This connection is "tunneled" with a VPN connection so that it is physically impossible that your guests have access to your local Internet access or IT infrastructure and Monzoon assumes responsibility for the Internet access service for your customers under the governmental laws application for Swiss ISPs (Internet Service Providers).


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